Monday Money – Just a cool Alfa

Based on the less “exciting” 4-door Alfetta (though I am not sure we should label any 70’s or 80’s Alfa not exciting!), the Alfetta GT or GTV is an awesome looking little fastback coupe designed by Giugiaro and was introduced in 1974 in its first version.
Also called the Sprint Veloce, it was offered in many different configurations ranging from a 1.6L L4 to the mighty 3.0L V6. However, it was initially only available with the 1.8L L4 twin overhead cam, which was replaced in 1976 with the more economic 1.6L.
1976 also marked the introduction of the GTV 2.0 offering a few aesthetic changes and a power output of 128hp while weighing a little more than a ton and being rear wheel drive.
The most desirable version for me remains the GTV6 for an obvious reason called V6 engine! Even though the 2.5L delivered 158hp, the sound it made and the low weight (around 1,150kg) completely made up for the relative lack of power. Also, the rear wheel drive layout definitely added to the GTV6’s appeal. The GTV6 was also a rather successful race car as it won the European Touring Car Championship 4 years in a row, from 1982 to 1985 and the BTCC in 1983.
The GTV 916 came to replace it in 1994. Even though it offered (to my eyes) quite a cool design and the incredible 3.0L Busso V6, it was not as acclaimed as the the outgoing GTV. Potentially because of reliability issues and the front wheel drive layout.
The good news now is that the Alfetta GT or GTV are still very affordable! It is however not easy to come across a nice unmolested unit exempt of any rust. You can pick a project one from £3 to £5K while a fully restored example should be around £20K and the middle ground at £10K should get you a driveable example with a few mechanical bits or tlc to do. Bear in mind that these are cheaper and easier to come by in continental Europe, though they will be LHD which is not really suitable for our UK roads.
This is certainly a very exciting and good looking car for the money, and also offering an engine configuration versatility that should match anyone’s needs.