Petrolicious Drivers meeting

When we heard that Petrolicious was holding a driver’s meeting in the heart of the British classic car scene, we had no doubt that it would be an event to remember. The team at Petrolicious have a long-standing reputation of putting a lot of care and heartfelt attention in everything they do, and this event was sure to be a testament to that. We took the opportunity to open a stall inside the Bicester Heritage venue. We introduced our new Bloody Heroes bracelet collection and clothing line and we’re glad that they have been well received by the community. But most of all it was a pleasure to meet many of our friends and audience in person. Arsen Mankuyan blessed our stall with his intricately hand-drawn photorealistic artwork which you can see here.

Photos by Jamil Jafri

While we were meeting you all, our talented friend Jasper Schwering captured the special cars in all varieties that made it to the show. The following is an excerpt from Jasper’s blog including photographs.

Jasper Schwering:

Last weekend the inaugural Petrolicious Drivers Meeting took place at Bicester Heritage in Oxfordshire, UK. As well as being the best preserved ex-military airbase in Britain, the site is known for holding their regular Sunday Scramble car shows alongside many more car related events.

When the site was founded for military use in 1961 and was used as the airfield and training depot of the Royal Flying Corps. Over the following ten years, it was developed into a bomber station and during World War II the site was used for training of all sorts of military piloting. In 2013, Bicester Heritage became the first centre for historic motoring in the UK and has been an important hub for automotive fanatics ever since.

With beautifully restored buildings and over 420 acres of land, the former RAF bomber station is the ultimate meetup spot for motoring enthusiasts. So it is hardly surprising that Petrolicious chose this to be the location of their first driver’s meeting. What better location could complement Petrolicious’ well-known slogan ‘Drive Tastefully’? As one of the top online providers of high-quality visual content of classic motoring, Petrolicious is an important multi-platform content provider for old and young timers alike. As well as publishing slick videos on their Youtube channel and tastefully curated photos on social media, their website has some of the most interesting and well-informed articles on motoring.

Naturally, the day began in the carpark. This, however, was no ordinary carpark. It had such a spectacular variety of old-timers that before I even made it to the main venue I had stayed in the carpark for over an hour and a half! Take a look for yourself. (Read more from Jasper’s blog post here.)

Event Gallery

By Jamil Jafri

Editor at The Mechanists