The Value of memories

The value of memories

‘It is the one that I have created the most memorable memories with.’
Succinctly concluding our conversation, Frank Cassidy has answered a question he has been
asked on many occasions.
Frank is a devout Porsche collector. He is not a garage queen investor, but a driver and modifier of
his cars. The modifications he makes are sometimes a continual refinement to his personal taste
such as deleting a rain gutter, but for his 1993 964 Anniversary edition, he knew not to be too

Knowing that the car he owns is one of only 32 that came to the UK and of those, only 12 were
polar silver, any and all changes he made had to be fully reversible.
‘Fundamentally there’s no getting away from the fact that the base car is heavy, being a wide-body
and all-wheel drive. Add to that the fact that it’s a rare thing that needs preserving for its next
custodian and what you left with, is a clearer path to what can be done.
To that end, it was the perfect candidate for a grand tourer, a continent cruiser. It would never be a
lightweight barn stormer without destroying its originality. I believe a car tells you what it wants to
be based on its rarity, condition and originality. Then it’s up to you to figure out what can be done
within those parameters.’

Given the year 2020 was to become, the touring spec came into its own last summer.
Between two British lockdowns travel was granted by the government and so having not seen his
family in Switzerland for months the opportunity for a reunion was booked within hours of
permission being granted.
‘We packed the car within an inch of its life, my wife, Biscuit our schnauzer and headed for the
tunnel to France’ says Frank of the trip beginning. It would be a further 3,037 miles until they
returned home to Oxfordshire.

The 14-hour drive across France, around Lake Geneva and into Verbier, Switzerland, gave the
family time to be together. Who knows when that might happen again.
They headed out to enjoy the Swiss roads and passes. Col St. Bernard, Grimsel, Furka and Col
des Montets gave Frank time to enjoy the fruits of his modifications as well as scenic dog walks
and fresh air.

The time came and leaving his family, the road home would be a circuitous route heading down to
Lake Como, enjoying Lozano and Bellagio and peninsula hopping around the lake by boat.
Skirting Milan and back into the French mountains, they enjoyed artisanal food and products,
isolated lakes for cooling swims and the quiet galleries in the shade away from midday sun.
Taking in the Route Napoleon, which he believes is not a technical pass the Porsche prefers, it was
a last decadent night stay in Dijon before the M25 in Kent reminded him he was back in the UK.
‘Whilst we’re all very fortunate to live in an age of internet, enabling many businesses to continue
operating and families to still see each other, there’s still no substitute for the reality of making
memories face to face.

That car would be just another car to some, but for me, at that moment in time it was a tool that
enabled me to be finally reunited with my family after months apart.
I often get asked which Porsche I own is my favourite? People often expect me to say a rarer one.
The answer is always the one I’ve created the most memorable memories with. ‘