The One

Buying a classic car is sometimes an easy choice. You know what you are looking for, the make
and model but do you get the car you want or the car you deserve? Rob knew he wanted a Lotus
and then, Bev came into his life.

“I wasn’t specifically looking for an Elite but I knew I wanted a Lotus.” This is how Rob Borrett
began his love affair with Bev. He is the PR manager for Lotus at their UK base in Hethel,
England. She is a 1978 Elite Type 75.
He had budget for a car but a few had fallen through before he met the one.
“I knew what an Elite was, obviously, but had never seen one in such good condition” he says of
the car that he first spotted in the Lotus headquarters car park.

His Elite has since become more well known to him through the ownership experience. He also got
to know the men who designed and engineered the Elite very well too. Ex-Lotus CEO Mike
Kimberley is always happy to talk about the car and introduced Rob to the cars designer, Oliver

“I spoke with him quite a bit about my adventures in Bev and although Oliver sadly passed at the
end of last year, I was really pleased I got to know him.”
For what could be described as a rather large Lotus, the Elite gives him everything he wants in a
classic car; style, presence, a sense of purpose for no reason other than driving and then most
importantly, it makes every drive an occasion.
“Even at 40 years old the steering feels pin point, you can really feel the lineage between an old
Lotus and their younger siblings designed at the same factory.”
Those adventures have seen Rob have many memorable drives. One of his favourite things is
that going for any drive in the car allows him to forget everything else, it helps cleanse his mind.
Living in Norfolk, he has found his own local route that he has affectionately called the ‘Swaffham

“There is a great road from Kimberly to Dereham, a short A-road blast to Swaffham for a coffee at
Strattons Hotel followed by my favourite road from Swaffham to Watton and home” he says of the
The route has everything you need to really test a Lotus. It is the type of Norfolk route you find very
close to the factory at Hethel. Those legendary Norfolk B-roads, they just give a driver everything
they need for a quick blast around the lanes.
Sweeping humps in the road, flowing bends linked together as if they were designed for a
racetrack ant tight corners to really test driver and car.
“The thing about driving a Norfolk built car, on Norfolk roads, they were meant for each other!”
He has also taken to driving to a few favourite cafe’s in Norwich just to park up and look at her
while sipping on a coffee. “There is something calming about taking time to look at and get to know
your car” he says affectionately.
There is Rob. There really is.