The Mechanists Bracelets
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Fine Craftsmanship 

By applying the architecture of simplicity, our artisans work with the same passion as the driver to bring the scenic-byways closer to home. With the will of the wheel always within arm’s length, each hand-crafted design pays homage to the primary function of classic motoring machines – Personal Freedom and Mechanic Emotions – marque in its understated power and elegance.

The Mechanists pursue grace, performance and the ambition to move forward while maintaining our heritage, entirely made in the U.K. and available in Sterling Silver or 14k Gold.

Mechanic Emotions

The Mechanists is about people with passion and addiction to all mechanical wonders. Whether you possess it or dream it, race it or cruise around, design it or repair it, it all comes down to one passion!

Cars have long been respected and admired as symbols of personal freedom, self-expression and most importantly self-empowerment. We know the undeniable thrill of a journey that is unquestionably yours, from the start of your cold engine to the simple act of shifting gears and take on your favourite roads, enjoying every single corner, acceleration and deceleration with downshifts, held by (the right) vibrations; this represents the Mechanic Emotions.

We know that sometimes it’s better to travel than to arrive.

Mechanic Emotions